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Digital Journal articles on politics

My political posts here have dwindled in number since I began writing articles for Digital Journal, an online Canadian newspaper. My favorite subjects have been the illegality of the NDAA, third-party presidential candidates, the war on terror, and various ways in which centralization, standardization and global economies of scale are basically ruining everything. All this is background for thinking about the new novel I’m writing, Locus Amœnus.

Alternative to Winner-Take-All Elections

The Winner-Take-All election system we currently have in the USA discourages third-party votes. It also tends to elect an individual for whom most people would not have voted if other choices were available. Winner-Take-All is inherently undemocratic. Approval voting is a more democratic form of voting insofar as a voter’s second and third choices are also relevant.  Fourth and fifth choices have less relevancy.  Not voting for a candidate has as much relevancy as voting for one does.  Note the order presented in this poll is randomized, i.e. every viewer sees a different order.  Take the poll to see who might have been our next president.

[polldaddy poll=2804165]

p.s. I interviewed former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and have written about Dr. Jill Stein.