Biosemiotics: Discussion with Don Favareau

Philosopher Don Favareau explains “biosemiotics,” the new paradigm for  scientists and philosophers grappling with the concepts of “meaning,” “signaling,” and “coding” in biological processes–and in culture. Click here to listen to BBC radio broadcast featuring Don.

Biosemiotics is an area of science that informs my work in philosophy, as described in my forthcoming non-fiction work, The Biologist’s Mistress: Rethinking Self-Organization in Art, Literature, and Nature. But it also informs my creative writing, especially the short story collection I’m currently writing, The Narrative: and Other Stories, which focuses on how things become signs through poetic and chance associations.

Listen to the broadcast. It’s a very short,  informative introduction to this very important new area of science that will soon be changing the way we think about art, as well as biology.

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