9/11 and Covid-19

This moment in history is a pivot point. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, all the preparations have been made for the grand finale. Total surveillance. Check. Censorship. Check. Scapegoat identified. Check. Now it’s just a matter of tuning up the orchestra, dimming the lights, and raising the curtain. We are now ready to begin Global Totalitarianism, brought to you by—well, I’m not going to name the big donors, but it’s worth noting that we couldn’t have done all this without brainwashed viewers like you.

I’m almost embarrassed now that I thought I was brave writing a satirical 9/11 truth novel. The Department of Homeland Security was never really going to go after truthers in earnest. Public ridicule and professional exclusion was perfectly adequate for the task of dealing with that kind of conspiracy theorist. I can only hope it will be more damaging to my reputation as a writer and an intellectual to write the Covid-19 novel I’m working on now.

The new book is a sequel, the same young man who lost his father on 9/11 narrates this story, which opens with his mother dying from Covid. I don’t mess around. I know where a reader’s sympathies lie, with the victim’s family—unless of course said surviving family member starts blaming corrupt systems or an immensely powerful ruling class for having a part in it. Then the victim is even more despicable than the jihadi virus itself. Clearly.

I guess what I’m trying to say on this day, the big two-oh, is that if you’re new to conspiracy theory, pick up a copy of Locus Amoenus and get caught up in the story. Honestly, I believe—or I wouldn’t go through all the trouble of being an object of hatred—that an artful story can enter through the backdoor of the subconscious and help bring people around.  You can’t reason or argue with Covid Cultists. They aren’t able to process facts.

So get the book. Try not to buy from Amazon. If you can’t find Locus Amoenus at the publisher or some independent bookstore, contact me for a free link to the audiobook.

The reactions to 9/11 have led to where we find ourselves today, with half of Americans ready to regularly top-off their experimental vaccines (which are safe and effective miracles of warp speed science), hoping the other half of Americans will all die on ventilators cut off from family and friends. Let’s try to heal instead.

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