5 thoughts on “On St Petersburg, isolation and connection

  1. forestree

    Beautiful! Wonderful interview. Very insightful. I’m glad you are having fun. I’m a little jealous–I always wanted to go to Russia. My grandparents were from Russia–came over before WWI. I love the Russian people. The USA and Russia should be friends and allies!! President Trump is in a tough spot with all the Russia haters in the US government hanging on to their illusions, but, despite that, he has established a very good working relationship with President Putin. if re-elected, I believe Mr. Trump will make progress on a new detente with Russia. As the song goes, “Why can’t we be friends?”. :) Here on Planet Earth we are all in this together!

      1. Gregory Sandstrom (@risengrisha)

        When in St. Petersburg, as I was for several years, one mustn’t forget to capitalize “Lord”, as surely you did even while writing about “evolution”. Da ili nyet? The “theistic evolution” position is most common in that country’s population and indeed among many scientists and scholars now free to believe, rather than the atheistic evolution perspective that was more common during the Soviet epoch, and more common in the USA today among natural scientists, social scientists and humanities scholars.

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