Who Owns the World? Co-operative Book Publishing

The state of platform cooperativism November 7-9, 2019 at the New School in NYC. Victoria Alexander, director at the Dactyl Foundation and editor of Dactyl Review, will speak on Saturday, Nov 9th about efforts to transform literary fiction publishing using a co-operative platform model.  2:45-4:15PM

The New School, The University Center, Room U304, 3rd Floor,  63 Fifth Avenue, NYC

Around the globe, we are starting to build an alternative economy that benefits the many, not just the few. Our passions, research, and projects challenge platform capitalism and chart a more democratic future. We show that an inclusive economy is not only necessary but already growing among us.

When starting a platform co-op, we have a much better chance at success if we rely on the support of our communities, established co-ops, incubators, co-op banks, unions, foundations, researchers, lawyers, technologists, and policymakers. “Who Owns the World?” is about building connections between these groups, finding the much-needed support, and learning from each other. For the first time, this event will bring together many of the most active players in this movement worldwide to share updates and insights, instigate initiatives, make new friends, lift each other up, plan next steps, and find new business partners as well as funders.

Celebrating 10 years of digital labor conferences at The New School, “Who Owns the World?” will feel the pulse of platform cooperativism, worldwide.

Panel, track 4
Wrestling Back Independence with Media Co-ops
The University Center, Room U304, 3rd Floor,  63 Fifth Avenue, NYC

The role of journalism in public life has been re-energized in the face of  “post-truth” debates. Discussions focus on the failures and malfunctions, but rarely on near-term alternatives that could democratize the media. What promise do platforms and cooperatives offer in a sector that is paradoxically more consolidated than ever before? Can media co-ops become the platform business model of the future for literary agents, authors, journalists, actors, and talent agents? Can this model wrestle back artistic independence and make producers less susceptible to the takeover of special interests?

Facilitated by Prof. Manoj Fenelon
Prof. Heather Chaplin (The New School)
Luc De Clair (Medor & Apache)
William Clark (WM Clark Associates)
Victoria Alexander (Dactyl Foundation)
Miles Hadfield (Thenews.coop)
Ela Kagel (Platform Co-ops Berlin)
Sabine Kock (Smart)

1 thought on “Who Owns the World? Co-operative Book Publishing

  1. Tim Michel

    Tori, that is exactly what we need to be doing. Who owns the world? Right now that would be the global banking cartels. Who should own the world? That should be the millions of communities around the world. Cooperatives are the answer.


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