Celebrating Humanities NY

I spent last week with fellow Public Scholars as our service (2015-2018) with Humanities New York comes to an end.    Going forward, I may continue with my work, now acting as consultant on planning grants and action grants in art-science-humanities projects for any New York state based non-profit. Interested? Please apply here.  From left to right: Ellen Gruber Garvey, Scarlett Rebman, Sally Roesch Wagner, Barbara Tepa Lupak, Anne Mosher, Susan Goodier, Dave Ruch, Victoria Alexander, Hallie Bond, Verdis LaVar Robinson, Antonio Pontón-Núñez, and Ryan Purcell.

1 thought on “Celebrating Humanities NY

  1. shaun@shaunjohnston.org

    Victoria, for http://www.evolutionforthehumanities.com/book-reviews/contemporary-titles-2/the-biologist-s-mistress-victoria-alexander-review in past 12 months, 1328 visits says my server, Google Analytics says 3!


    I have redesigned my publishing website, http://www.evolvedself.com .

    I have posted a video “Six Impossible Things to Think before Breakfast,” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdYDX6RlDtk .

    I will be teaching a seniors’ 4-session course on origin stories available to us this Fall.

    And I am developing a 90-minute performance as Charles Darwin on what he and his pals “up there” think is how the world is really put together. See me acting Darwin at https://youtu.be/oSsr3kkPo48.

    My youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClQ4-Wzq6hwaApjietQdkPw/videos

    I am still pursuing my mission to cast appropriate doubt on neo-Darwinism. Please keep me in mind if I can figure in Humanities circles. I don’t need a grant, but I can inspire critical thinking. “Evolution for the Humanities” of course is meant for a humanities audience. Latest there, http://www.evolutionforthehumanities.com/non-darwinian-evolution#cap4.

    I enjoy hearing of your accomplishments.

    Cheers, Shaun


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