Smoking Hopes is now available as an Ebook

My first novel Smoking Hopes was released in hardcover by The Permanent Press in 1996.  I’ve wanted it to go to ebook for a long time now, for reasons that I’ve been writing about in my “Literary Fiction” posts. Mainly the ebook appeal involves copyright protection for authors as well as greener practices for the globe. So I was really glad to see The Permanent Press go digital.

1 thought on “Smoking Hopes is now available as an Ebook

  1. Judith Loue

    I read SMOKING HOPES in hard copy way back in the late 90s…and loved it. But I am not the squeamish type..and I thought the book was an excellent portrayal..of what it had to portray…I found out i “won” a copy of this on Library Thing’s Member Giveaway…I can’t want to replace the copy I had..which was nicked..



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